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Q:The French speak of the Even

            What the French have come to call the Events of May 68 is actually more accurately referred to by the English as the revolution. Nowadays, although the significance of the May 1968 is widely acknowledged, the interpretations of the event still remain ambiguous and overestimated, and yet the definitions of the event itself are highly problematical. It is especially noted that while the French see May1968 as an event, in the English speaking worlds, the people rather call it a revolution. Therefore this essay will examine the wide-ranging issues of the events, such as , in order to arguer that the English view of revolution.
             Is more adequent than the French views of May 68 being just events'. .
             In the historical memory of France, the upheaval of May 1968 in Paris has had a considerable impact, and has been regarded as a watershed in many aspects of contemporary French society. At first glance, May 68 appears to have spontaneously begun with student protests, and then accidentally turned into a political crisis that not only paralyzed the nation but almost overthrew the de Gaulle government.1968 was a year of social revolt that saw the culmination of student protests throughout the western society. As the tradition of socialist idea since French revolution in 1789, the wave of students protest of the 60s Left was partly originated from France. Beginning as a student protest in a Parisian suburb, Nanterre,quickly spread to a general strike involving millions of French workers that temporarily paralysed the French economy. The movement had reverberations which stimulate into similar protests in cities throughout Europe. The nation was paralyzed--no sector of the workplace was unaffected; no region, city, or village was untouched. , the mainstream image of May '68 in France has become that of a cultural transformation stripped of its violence and profound sociopolitical implications.
             For the French authorities, to call May 68 not a revolution is that the result of the movement failed to cause apparent political and social change, even if it did have caused unexpected turmoil to a certain extent.

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