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French Revolution

            The French Revolution was a dramatic change in all of European history. The revolution was necessary in the fact that it changed the lifestyles of all humans in France during this time. The revolution was a gateway to new discoveries up until this day. It allowed women to gain some privileges and changed the ways of governing. The French Revolution could have been avoided, but it would have delayed the development of the world that we know.
             The French Revolution started when Louis XVI came into power. The country was in debt and they needed a way to gain money to pay off their debt. Louis put the parlement back into play to help him with the problem. Together they enforced taxes, but this did not help. Louis decided to call a meeting of the Three Estates to figure out what to do. This was unexpected so it was considerably exciting. Each estate was made up of different groups of people. The first was the clergy, the second was the nobility, and the third was the bourgeois, artisans, and peasants. The Three Estates met with Louis, but only the ideas from the clergy and nobility were recognized. This caused the Third Estate to get angry. The Third Estate broke away to form the National Assembly. The other two estates also joined the National Assembly and at the Tennis Court Oath they declared that they would not split up until they had a constitution. (http://www.woodberry.org/acad/hist/FRWEB/index.htm).
             The Tennis Court Oath was an oath that based itself on the fact that the Estates wanted answers. (http://www.woodberry.org/acad/hist/FRWEB/index.htm) Louis agreed to the Assemblies' fait accompli. The people thought the revolution was over, but Louis sent troops to Palais Royal. (Gershoy, page 153) Palais Royal was a place to speak out about the revolution. These soldiers were sent to provoke the people of France to participate in the revolution. Louis won the support from many people at Palias Royal.

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