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French Cuisine

            The Culinary Art and History of French Cuisine.
             In great opposition to the fast-food based America, the French spend tremendous amounts of time perfecting their world-renowned cooking. To the French cooking is a form of art which is considered very vital to their culture. The French's dedication to their cooking has made it a world standard. The culinary traditions that have been perfected and developed over the centuries have also added to the making of French cuisine into a highly refined art. The French are responsible for the classic tradition of serving dishes in separate courses. The tradition is historical and called by the French service a la ruses. The root of the extraordinary cooking of the French finds its base in the very culture of the French. Eating well is of prime importance to most French people who tend to spend an amazing amount of time thinking about, talking about, and consuming food. .
             Perhaps the most amazing thing about the French cuisine is the implicit variety. The cuisine of France is varied remarkably with a many regional differences based on the produce and gastronomy of each region. From the upper classes to the peasants, the North to the South, each region and social class careful preparation and great detail is given to food. Each region in France is specifically noted for a particular kind of food. This varies from fine wines, fresh breads, elaborate main dishes, to rich desserts. Many have said that the use of fresh ingredients that are locally produced and in season are as important in French cuisine as are the elaborate techniques. This is true even of simple peasent dishes that are created with the same amount of dedication. The variety of regional food in France is essential for the diversity and choices that French cooks experience. .
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             When most people think of French drinks wine is automatically assumed. Although parts of France greatly rely on amazing tasting wines other areas such as Normandy are famous for their Ciders and Brandy's.

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