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Cuisine of the Caribbean

            ´╗┐Caribbean cuisine is a very unique type of cuisine, it consists of 7 different types of cuisines and cultures. It has a history from African, African, Amerindian, European, Eastern Indian, Arab, And Chinese cultures and cuisines that had started when Christopher Columbus started exploring the global. In the Caribbean there are 28 different country's and/or territory's in the Caribbean Sea. The climate in the Caribbean is a warm and tropical type of climate it is generally warm all year round.
             The Caribbean climate is tropical and is warm year round with an average temperature of 78.8 degrees Fahrenheit (28 degrees Celsius) all year. The islands are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. The Caribbean Islands is a very popular tourist and vacationing islands, the most popular islands are Aruba, Bahamas, U.S Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. Climate change is changing the way some Caribbean dishes are produced. Some major crops and foods in the Caribbean are starting to be effected in a huge way, like bananas are starting to be effected because in order for them to grow they need lots of water and with the climate getting warmer and warmer the normal rain season in the islands is becoming shorter and they are receiving less rain per year. The less rain per year includes more of the risk for bananas to get Black Sigatoka diseases which could cause a major wipe out of bananas. They are now more defendant on imports of crops than they were before. The warm weather all year around helps for more crops to grow, since its warm things like lemons and oranges and any citrus fruit that grows on the islands help increase the flavor of them and have more of a use to use on the islands.
             The slave trade and spice trade had made a major impact on the cuisine in the Caribbean Islands. The spice trade started as soon as Christopher Columbus explored the Atlantic Ocean and found the Americas.

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