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             Remember, remember always, that all of us are descended from immigrants and .
             The United States is a nation of immigrants as nobody is really from America. .
             The earliest people were the Native Americans who came from Asia. The rest of the .
             people are from Europe, Asia, Africa, Caribbean, South Central America, the islands of .
             the Pacific and the Middle East came more towards the 18th century. United States had .
             witnessed the transformation from American Indian to a rich array of ethnic and racial .
             population. People from Europe began coming to America. Soon, all kinds of .
             immigration began. The non-white community primarily black began to migrate south. .
             At the centuries end, non- Hispanic whites accounted for less than 75% of the population. .
             The minority population is comprised of nearly as many Hispanics as blacks, a surging .
             number of Asians and a small but growing American Indian population. America's ethnic .
             landscape also includes a rapid growing Arab population, a sizeable Jewish population .
             and other ethic groups: African Americans, American Indians and Alaska Natives, Asians .
             and Pacific Islanders and Hispanics. .
             There are the advantages and disadvantages to this immigration. Is there a right or .
             wrong to this immigration? Does the United States welcome or fear these immigrants? Is .
             it beneficial to the country and the world? Will immigration affect the U.S economy? I .
             will be analyzing these points in this project. This is a political, social, economical and .
             effects that I will be discussing. .
             The reason for immigration to the United States in the period from the 18th .
             century was quite clear. Land remained plentiful, and fairly cheap. Jobs were abundant, .
             and labor was scarce and relatively dear. A decline in the birthrate as well as an in crease .
             in industry and urbanization reinforced this situation. The United States, in the 19th .
             century, remained a strong magnet to immigrants, with offers of jobs and land for farms.

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