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             Immigration that make America that it is.
             But some analysts consider that now "the house is full, and we must change the INS laws in order to keep our prosperity. Should we keep the way, allowing the foreigners to become part of our family, or should we stop the immigrants afflux before the US transforms into a second China, a very crowded poor country? We need immigrants more than ever because:.
             -"diversity" is the engine of our society,.
             - new immigrants become better citizens, and.
             - America is a large country who need people ready to follow the same dream. .
             We need immigrants because diversity is the engine of our society. .
             Although it has a relatively short history compared to other nations, the United States of America is a diverse nation with many different people, cultures, and religions. With the heavy infusion of immigrants over the years, the United States has become a melting pot of peoples, ideals, and customs. .
             According to Brookhiser, "America thinks of itself as a diverse society". In the words of the former Mayor of New York City, Rudolf Giuliany, America is a "gorgeous mosaic". It is similar to a quilt with many patches of races and ethnic groups. According to the demographics of the 2000 census, there were a total of 257 million Americans. Of that number, 58 million claimed ancestry that is German, 38 million claimed ancestries that are Irish, 32 million claimed ancestries that are English, and 24 million claimed ancestries that are African American. This particular lineup of the top four ancestry groups has been quite stable for some time. Not only were those groups the top four in 2000, they were also the top four in 1980 and 1790. Although their places in the top four have been somewhat different, the same ethnicity has been showing up over and over again. Of course, there are other groups such as Mexicans, who proved to be 16 million in the 2000 census, and Asians that share a small number in the census.

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