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Pro Immigration

             Immigration has played an important role in American history, and the United States continues to have the most open immigration policy in the world. Before the era of rapid communications and transportation, America encouraged relatively open immigration to settle its empty lands. Over many years, the policies have changed and become more difficult for immigrants and their families. Too often do families get separated by immigration laws and are destroyed. America has always stood for its" diversity and freedom. People should have the right to enter our country and have a better life. .
             When legal permanent residents of the US marries a person residing outside the US it takes approximately four years before they can live in the US as a family! This is due to our current Immigration laws that has separated families rather than unify them. Many immigrants leave their families to work in America because they can make more money and begin a better life. As stated in the Center for Immigration Studies, there are approximately 1.05 million spouses and minor children of legal permanent residents of the US and approximately 70% are beneficiaries of legalized aliens. The question is what happens to the aliens that were legal to begin with, the ones that played by the rules? They simply got fooled for being law abiding! .
             Americans may feel as if immigrants make the work force more competitive, but in reality they work in blue-collar fields. Immigrants accounted for over half the growth in the nation's labor force the past decade, filling openings in factories, textile mills, restaurants and other blue-collar industries, according to a private analysis of government data. "The immigrant influx was felt throughout the country but was especially vital in the Northeast, where the new U.S. residents comprised nearly all of the net increase in the labor force there," said the report by the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University.

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