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The Societal Impacts of Immigration

            One would think having a diverse population would be a positive aspect and a good trait to have as a country, but knowing the United States social and economic situations right now, you can point a finger at many things that cause tension within our country, especially the war on drugs, immigration, and education in the United States. Although the United States isn't a cartel filled country like many other countries, we are still deeply involved with trying to settle the war on drugs as it can affect the economy and the employment rate in the US. Immigration into the US also plays a big part with drugs in our country, as many immigrants smuggle illegal substances, which increases crime and causes the government to spend more on detention centers for these criminals. Today, immigration is one of the most feared things by many Americans because there is a threat to job security and strains the education system in the country, a reason being that almost none of these immigrants know or even care enough to learn English. Of course, immigration can bring positive things to the country, but lately it has been obvious that immigration within the US has more of a negative impact than a positive one in our society today. .
             One of the biggest causes for immigration into the United States is for personal safety and to find opportunities for a better life for people and their families. The immigrants coming in are usually coming from corrupt, cartel run, and poor countries and even though most of the people are innocently looking to start a new life, there are those that can pose a threat to the US. In an article from Reuters, it explains how the country of Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world. Having family in Honduras and being from there, I can say many of the people that migrate to the US is to escape the violence that is caused by the war on drugs that has been pushed towards Central America from Mexico, creating a bridge between them and South American countries such as Colombia for the smuggling of drugs (mostly cocaine).

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