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Technology's Impact on Society

            There is a vigorous argument among people as to what roles technology plays in today's society. There is no doubt that technology has pervasively influenced on our day-to-day life. As a result, society is changing at a speed that is highly unprecedented. Today's society is in a state of digital frenzy. Fields related to energy, biology, construction, medicine and even some eco-environments are utilizing technology to design, accelerate and create. Due to recent improvements in technology, the overall quality of life in most societies has never been better than it is now. Even though most people can admit that they are unable to live without technology, some of us still wonder about how this technology influences our lives and society as a whole. In this essay, I will provide and analysis of the argument and a synthesis of the work put forth by Jay David Bolter, Richard Grusin, Cynthia L. Selfe, McKenzie Wark, and Jane McGonigal. These authors place an emphasis on technology's influence on society, and share a concern with regard to the role technology plays on a day-to-day basis. In addition, this essay will analyze an advertisement and apply these authors' insights to the ad, to assess how it and technology impact contemporary life. It is undeniable that a close connection exists between technology and current society. Furthermore, technology has certainly played a significant role in promoting societal progress and advancing human civilization. However, it cannot be denied that technology is also sometimes detrimental to our social lives. .
             According to Jay Bolter David and Richard Grusin, in the intro of their book "The Double Logic of Remediation" we are living in a media-rich environment, and this environment will only become richer with time. Amidst an environment so full of media, people cannot but help to engage with the technology and the media that is intertwined with it.

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