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The Impact of Gene Therapy

            Gene therapy is a procedure that involves injection of "healthy genes"" into the bloodstream of a patient to cure or treat a hereditary disease or similar illness. The blood is withdrawn from the patient; the white cells are separated and cultured in a laboratory, and inserted into modified viruses. The normal genes from a volunteer are inserted into the viruses, which, in turn, transfer the normal gene into the chromosomes of the patient's white cells. The white cells containing the normal genes are finally injected into the patient's bloodstream (Anderson). .
             Gene therapy can accomplish three tasks, which are; replacing a mutated gene that causes diseases with a healthy copy of a gene, it knocks out a mutated gene that is functioning improperly, and it can also introduce a new gene into the body to help fight the disease. Although all these things sound successful and harmless, it can be dangerous and lead to worse cases.
             There is only one distinct way to cure genetic disorders. It is accomplished by replacing a defective gene with a healthy gene. This is an important factor in the development. Another big factor that gene therapy is good for, is if the therapy does work on the reproductive cells, it will eliminate the genetic disorder carriers such as cancer, Parkinson's disease, or cystic fibrosis. Having said, the children that the carrier moves to will be clear of these disorders. When gene therapy is successful, it has a huge advantage over drug therapy because it does not mask or ease the symptoms it fixes the problem (Therapy).
             With the lack of knowledge and the understanding that gene therapy is based on theory instead of a set fact, it makes the procedure difficult and unsafe. However, with further research and understanding it will one day be a solid fact. .
             In experiments that have had success, they have not lasted long. The effects have only been short-lived. For gene therapy to be successful, the vector carrying the healthy gene needs to be placed in the correct place (Therapy).

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