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Impact of Technology in Education and Training

            Impact of Technology in Education and Training.
             To grasp the impact that technology is creating in education and training, society must consider how technology has revolutionized America's culture. In barely five years, electronic technology has dramatically penetrated into every area of society. All of society can reflected on how some aspect of the new information age is changing their job, family life, community, or patterns of commerce. As the nation enter into the new millennium, the most fundamental shift will reflect a redefinition of training itself. To retain key talent, remain competitive, and ensure long-term profitability, organizations are making dramatic changes in the way they develop the knowable and skills of their workforce. Training as something provided for employees will be replaced by learning that employees initiate themselves. Training, when available, will be replaced by learning when needed. Training for the masses will be replaced by highly customized, just-for-me learning.
             It is abundantly clear that the Information Technology (IT) industry's employment needs and its impact on the American economy necessitate a more basic understanding of the IT workforce and its future role. According to the U. S. Department of Labor, IT is the fastest growing industry in the economy. The IT workforce current percentage totals, 2.5 million and will continue to grow seven to ten percent annually. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts that employment in the IT service segment of the industry alone will nearly double by the year 2005, from its current figure of 1.1 million (Garger, 2000, p. 35-6).
             As a result, our industry is facing a national labor shortage of historic proportions and IT companies cannot find enough workers with the requisite skills. This serious growing shortage of skilled information technology workers throughout the United States is severely affecting the competitiveness of the industry and restricting its growth.

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