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Employee Training and Development

            The purpose of this study is to critically examine the assertion stating that training and development is widely supported by employers having a positive impact on the employees that will be analyzed using for and against arguments, considering the strength of evidence on both sides. The arguments are based on findings and research from online sources, books, journals, case studies and others. .
             Starting with the 21th century, companies are experiencing major changes due to fast development of technology and knowledge, globalization and the e-commerce. Along with changes, companies have to take measures in retaining, attracting and motivating their work forces in order to keep the business successful. The number of the organizations which are embracing this "continual learning" along with other aspects of training and development as means of promoting highly skilled employees is a continuous growth and each year they are willing to spend considerable sums to keep fulfilling these needs. (Patrick J. Montana and Bruce H. Charnov, 2000).
             Training and development describes the eager of organizations to improve employee's work by amplifying their performance, achievements and self-fulfillment through a variety of approaches like paid courses in higher education, computer based training, job rotation, team building, audiovisual training and others (Rosti, Robert T, Shipper, Frank, 1998). While the terms "training" and "development" usually come hand in hand, there is a significant difference between them even if they serve the same purpose mentioned above. The training process has a very specific and quantifiable objective like performing a specific procedure which requires great precision, understanding a certain process or operating on new machinery. On the other hand, developing within a company leads to a series of general skills which can be applied in a wide variety of situations, such as leadership skills, management skills, effective work, decision making and goal setting.

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