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Employee Training and Career Development

            Employee training and career development is very important in an organization. Employees need the most optimum training available to successfully perform their job duties. Career development in an organization allows employees to advance, change job roles, and receive higher bonuses and raises. Below this paper will discuss the role of training in an organization's development, different employee development methods and their benefits, the relationship between employee development and organizational development, and the role of human resource management in career development. At the end of the paper the writer will also discuss and reflect on the writers own personal career development.
             The Role of Training in an Organization's Development.
             An organization is responsible to ensure their comprehensive training and development program teaches employees the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are necessary to achieve organizational goals and to also create a competitive advantage (Macrothink Institute, 2011). The role of training in an organization's development is to ensure employees develop the skills to complete their present tasks, or activities, and the knowledge to improve the business and its customer service. The role of training is part of the groundwork for organizational success and is important for the future of the employees working within the organization. Training helps employees to have confidence in their company, perform job duties in confidence, lessens the possibility of high employee turnover, and helps to minimize the possibility of disciplinary action or termination for poor performance. .
             One part of training and development of an organization is the teaching of skills and tasks needed for their current positions. Another part of training is future development of those skills and abilities for further growth in the organization. Development of skills and abilities provides employees with opportunities for advancement and new roles within the organization.

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