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Career Development - Servco

            The presentation by the Servco representatives provided a real world insight towards career development. The Servco representatives showed the challenges they face when dealing with career development. Competition, technology, changing customers, and adaptation are some challenges that is needed to recognize before improving career development. Competition in the business world is getting tougher every year because companies develops the latest and greatest products so that customers buy from their company. In 1919, Peter Fukunaga opened a two car garage in Haleiwa. And, as a small business, Servco's principles established back then became the foundation of our business today: satisfy customers, have dedicated employees, and make a personal commitment to hard work. .
             With competition so fierce Servco tries to establish a sense of making the customers feel like family. This is how loyal customers differentiate Servco with other competitors. Technology is another challenge that Servco faces. With technology changing every second, Servco stays in touch with technology to help further their company towards a higher standard. I went to Servco Lexus one day to look at a car. I couldn't believe the technology that is involved in their facilities. It seemed to look like a spaceship but Servco uses technology for a purpose. Technology in Servco aids the employees to better serve the customers. But Servo needs more than technology towards changing customers. There is not one same customer. Every customer is different. Culture, values, and environment are factors towards changing customers. Back then, during depression–era Hawaii, families were having difficulty paying cash for purchase. Mr. Fukunaga responded by creating an affiliate to help customers finance their purchases. Today, we continue to demonstrate those principles through the brands and products we represent, and supporting them with excellent customer service.

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