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Career Exploration - Educational Guidance

            My occupation of choice for exploration is that of an educational guidance, school, and vocational counselor. Educational, school, vocational and guidance counselors, assist learners in developing the social aspects of their lives for the development of their careers. Vocational guidance is helping an individual establish his/her calling, or at least a desirable career choice. Careers or vocations could be generally categorized into disciplines such as service, mechanical, creative, business and health. To this end, this paper aims to explore, in depth, my occupation of choice.
             In this perspective, school counselors, add to the list of individuals turned when in need of assistance. They have great listening skills, and assist individuals in coping with life's challenges. These counselors possess specialized training on how to assist kids in making decisions, solving problems, and stand up for themselves. Some of the duties of an educational, vocational, school or guidance counselor, include counseling individuals to help them understand and cope with personal, behavioral or social problems influencing their vocational or educational situations. These counselors maintain a complete and accurate student collection of records as stipulated by the law, administrative regulations and district policies. Additionally, the counselors' role entails conferring with guardians, parents, counselors and administrators, to resolve the students' academic, behavioral and other problems. A counselor's job description also includes accessing an individual and encouraging them to seek medical assistance where necessary.
             Accordingly, school counselors communicate with the students on their objective for the future. They counsel students on their goals for the future, their personal problems, as well as assist them in deciding what training institutions would be the best fit for them. Educational, vocational, school and guidance counselors are generally considered together, because counseling careers deal primarily with people who are searching for vocational, career and guidance counseling in an institution or career-related capacity.

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