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Language and Communication Arts

            Communication Arts incorporates logical competencies and wholesome attitudes and values that penetrate in the language trend. When the learner started to learn language, they are being exposed to the experiences that will enrich their logical system and competencies in English. In communication arts there are five macro skills which are virtually the most significant skills in teaching a peculiar language. Each of them is essential in the learning process and teaching performance on behalf of the learners and mentors. These skills such as listening, speaking, reading, writing and viewing are used as the primary vehicle to obtain a certain language and to serve as a passage to encompass widely the interrelated realms of communication and global area.
             A concerning feature of early language acquisition is that children seem to count more on semantics than on syntax when speaking. Moreover, the acquisition of language facility is one of the most interesting but puzzling phenomena in learning. The learners' ability to speak is tremendous and his control in other areas of learning such as listening, reading and writing gives a clear denotation that he has the distinct chance of being a learner of a wonderful classroom teacher. .
             Of all these macro-skills in language, reading is believed as a great source of knowledge. It is a multifarious process involving word recognition, comprehension, fluency and motivation. Reading is the way a person gets information from written letters and words. Reading approach is also based on the doctrine and theories concerning the meaning, nature, and structure of reading. Reading enables man to ponder the mysteries of the world, explore accumulated knowledge, and reflect the unknown. All the puzzling symbolisms will be revealed through reading. No one can question it because it gives stress to the importance of global communication. In the past, books and newspapers were the most commonly read items; now emails and text messages form a lot of normal day's communication activities.

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