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Communication Skills in English

             The purpose of the book is stated as follows:.
             "COMMUNICATION SKILLS IN ENGLISH: Improving Study, Thinking, Reading and Writing Skills is primarily written to develop and hone the study, thinking, reading and writing skills of the students for effective communication.".
             Considering this purpose, the content of the book is aligned at achieving the said purpose. The book aims at helping the intended audience, the students, in developing both oral and written communication skills necessary for effective communication. In addition, the book makes use of various reading materials enable the students to be familiar with different cultures and human experiences since the author considered the students' experiences. .
             II. PUBLISHER.
             The publisher of the book is Unlad Publishing House, Inc. located at 200 C-INSILAY, Pineda, Pasig City. This publishing house is considered one of the most trusted commercial publishers of books used in elementary, secondary and even in state universities and colleges. The materials used by the book, including the paper are of good quality but the book cover does not reflect what the book contains. The book cover is a simple blending of yellow and green colors that have no direct .
             The book has six parts. The first part provides students' insights on the responsibilities of college learning, necessity of developing effective study skills, and the importance of the effective use of the English language as the medium of instruction. It is good that the book provides an overview of what the college students should be facing while learning the subject. Second, Chapter 1 contains lessons on the effective use of library. Chapter 2 presents different techniques in reading. Chapter 3 provides the different methods of paragraph development. Chapter 4 deals with graphic organizers. Chapter 5 deals with composition writing. Various reading selections, non-prose materials and written exercises are also provided by the book to reinforce student's learning.

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