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             Does the above seem a mockery of the English language? To countless, Ebonics (the language you see above), this is their normal "English." The United States is very diverse in culture and language. Because of this, many have experienced difficulty in everyday functions that would otherwise be easily managed if they spoke proper English.
             Many people have been stereotyped as hoodlums, boat people, illegal alien freeloaders, educationally deprived, etc. because of the language that they use. In many cases, these people are very educated and knowledgeable but because of various backgrounds their English skills are lacking. Some grew up in non-English speaking homes, multi-language homes and some grew up in regions in which the language used by everyone around them was improper. .
             Because of language skills, citizens have been discounted for job opportunities. Companies that need to fill employment positions require "excellent communication skills," they would not choose a person with broken English to fill these positions. Such as a sales person, manager or a receptionist, to name a few, would need to have a firm grasp of the language. Numerous positions within the job market are held by individuals with broken English. But a great number of these positions are minimum wage and behind the scenes. Some of these positions are dishwashers, cooks, hotel room attendants and so on. With this knowledge it is obvious that many, who would be otherwise qualified, are being left behind in the job market. .
             Far too often, adults with broken or lacking English are not given respect that they deserve. Amy Tan, in her essay "Mother Tongue" explains the treatment her mother received by saying "people in department stores, at banks and at restaurants did not take her seriously, did not give her good service, pretended not to understand her, or even acted as if they did not hear her." (154) It seems as though it is easier to disrespect or ignore the language challenged than it is to give them the same time and respect any other would demand.

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