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English Domination in America

             The English colonies outlasted the Spanish and French colonies in America for many.
             It could be said that there was a confounding of variables, and not one main factor.
             for English success could be determined. However in every society there must be at least two.
             things to make the colony thrive, growing population and trade. The primary factor in.
             making the English the dominant power in America by 1763 is simply because the English.
             established a growing population and secure trade of a profitable and renewable resource .
             with England.
             The Italian explorer Christopher Columbus was no doubt the first explorer to discover.
             the new world. However he didn t venture out in order to take up residence in a foreign land,.
             but more or less was in search of riches. Furthermore, what Columbus discovered was not.
             North America where the English colonist settled, but South America. The same went for the.
             Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes who in 1519 went to Mexico in search of nothing but.
             gold. The monarchy gave the conquistadors permission openly loot and raid towns and.
             villages; as long as they received a portion of the takings. However after all the plundering.
             took place the Spaniards worked the Indians in the silver mines as slaves. This went on well.
             for a while until European diseases took there toll on the Indians. Soon there numbers were.
             slim and none and without the labor of the Indians the future started to look bleak for the.
             Spaniards. For all they had came there was for riches so when the riches were gone what did.
             they have left? Nothing. The Spanish did set up colonies in Florida and New Mexico, but the.
             colonies had no immigration, little trade, and little farming therefore they could not flourish;.
             as in the case of the English.
             The French were not in search of a new land to take up residence either, for they.
             came to the new land in search of furs and cod. They had been fishing in the Atlantic for cod.
             for over a century, and had gone to shore to sun-dry and salt the fish.

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