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France and England Start in America let England dominate

             The French and the English came late in the game compared to Spain. From the beginning they had different goals in mind. They where in competing with each other from the start. The English, Supported by the Virginia company of London hoped to find furs but at the same time wanted to set up permanent colonies. The French on the other hand wanted to milk the cash cow called the fur trade as long as possible.
             After finally getting a foot hold in nova Scotia, the French had a very profitable business going trading fur with the Indians. Trading with the Indians won them an alliance that nearly won them North America! The French fur monopolies hoped to keep the population at a bare minimum for fear that colonization would wipe out the forest that the furs came from. Proof of this is when English marauders captured and held the poorly settled Quebec from 1629-1632.
             Had the English found furs in the new world they would have had an easier start but a hard end. Exploiting nature doesn't last as the Spanish and later the French learned. Early English in America had a start of starvation and disease. Little did they know that this would force them to find an alternate means of support that would lead to their salvation and domination in north America. That salvation was tobacco, which grew great in Virginia. Once the "jovial weed" caught in Europe there was no stopping it. This labor intensive crop spurred immigration far beyond France.
             In conclusion Frances alliance with the Indians nearly won them North America. Under settlement of the north America combined with the lack of troops sent to America led to Frances down fall. It could also be argued that England's salutary neglect let the states build up enough to win the war. What really changed the war was when William Pit decided to change the main theater of the war from Europe to the New World. With 23,000 troops sent to America the English finally started to win.

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