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The United States of America and France

            Around the world, there are many great countries that dominate or had dominated the world for years. In that type, we can cite the USA and France. France is a European country that had, over many centuries, imposed its language and its culture in almost every African country. In other side, USA is a country that fought out the England in order the have its independence, and since that time, it became the world greatest country in almost everything. Both countries have an important power position over all activities sectors. They are both members of the OECD, members of the United Nations, and permanent members of the Security Council. Each country has a VETO right as well as they are directed by a president who represent the voice of the nation. However, despite all these similarities between the USA and France, there is an urge gap of differences between them from politics to culture through the economy, but those differences don't affect the great quality of relationship between these two countries.
             Politic is the major branch that determines the stability of a country. A country with a strong politic system is less likely to be on war, to be undeveloped, or to be in a position of powerless. France has a democratic system that promotes a republic government. The president is the chief of executive and has the full power to decide his government starting with the prime minister who will choose all his ministers to do their best to improve their population's life. The president is directly elected by any citizen of 18 or older to represent them in international meetings. The president is elected for a 5-years term, same for the legislature which has 908 members. The amount of money that each party invest for campaign is controlled by the media and a committee to not let money dominate the election, and therefore enable people to vote according to their choice. .
             Unlike France, the USA surely has a democratic system, but based on the Federal Republic government in which the president is the executive chief who doesn't have the full power over decisions taken.

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