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Britians and the United States

            English history is wrought with bouts of war, famine and chaos and near destruction of all British livelihoods. From the times of the Anglo-Saxon wars of pre-middle ages to the struggle for hegemonic power with Spain and France over colonization rights and the system of mercantilism. England has been a force to be reckoned throughout most of its history in all categories of life. Ever since England formally became a nation of its own, she has spread her arms to encompass the globe whether economically or militarily. Nearly every conflict, almost all attempts at peace, and most all civil wars spanning the globe have either seen the involvement or fallen under the close observation of English eyes. The rise of the imperialistic attitude in the middle ages led England to flourish as a global power for centuries and became one of the most influential national powers the world has ever seen. This is very much depicted in today's English commonwealth, which includes over 150 countries.
             The colonization of the original 13 colonies of modern day USA influenced the creation of the most technologically advanced, economically fueled, and politically savvy superpowers in history. Not only did England fuel the birth of this nation but in later years actually became an ally and fought alongside of the daughter nation it created. Specifically speaking, in every war the 20th century had the chance to bring the United States involvement. .
             In the latter portion of the 20th century a group of English colonies in the New World felt that they were being taxed unfairly. Their mother nation was across an ocean had sparse, if any, representation in the colonies. This of course sparked the move towards freedom led by the founding fathers of the United States and the recognition thereof by the mother country, England. Thereafter for nearly 120 years after the birth of this new and for a while unprosperous nation left a thorn in England's side.

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