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pablo picasso

            When Hitler made his assault on Russia in 1941, he managed to take the war beyond the.
             borders of the European countries he had already conquered. However, it was the.
             surprise attack by Japan on December 7, 1941, that devastated the U.S. naval base Pearl.
             Harbor, which took the war for the first time to a global scale. The attack on the small.
             island of Oahu, located in the Hawaiian islands, was the first major step in which the.
             south-eastern Asian countries, such as Japan, began to apply themselves as major powers.
             in the world. This was also the final act that drug the United States into the war.
             The order in which the events of the hours of infamy occurred is as follows. On.
             December 6 in Washington D.C., President Roosevelt made a final appeal to the Emperor.
             of Japan for peace. There was no reply at all. Late this same day, the U.S. code-breaking.
             service began intercepting a 14-part message from the Japanese and deciphered the first 13.
             parts and passed them on to the President and Secretary of State. The Americans believed.
             at this point that a Japanese attack is imminent, and most likely to happen somewhere in.
             Southeast Asia. On December 7 the part of the Japanese message, stating that diplomatic.
             relations with the U.S. are to be severed, reaches Washington in the morning and was.
             decoded at approximately 9 a.m. About an hour later another Japanese message was.
             intercepted. It instructed the Japanese embassy to deliver the main message to the.
             Americans at 1 p.m. The Americans realize this time corresponds with early morning in.
             Pearl Harbor, which is several hours behind. The U.S. War Department then sent out an.
             alert, but they had to use commercial telegraph because radio contact with Hawaii was.
             broken. The message only reached Oahu headquarters at about noontime, several hours.
             after the attack had begun.
             Early on December 7, near Oahu, the Japanese attack force under the command of.
             Admiral Nagumo, consisting of six carriers with 423 planes, is ready to attack.

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