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Pablo Picasso

             Pablo Picasso was born in the late evening of October 25, 1881 in the poor town of Malaga, on the southern coast of Spain (Chew 1). His father, Don Jose Ruiz Blasco, was an art teacher. Pablo spend numerous hours a day watching his father paint various still life, colorful flower blooms, birds, and other animals. Don Jose even encouraged his son to paint as well. Pablo spent much of his life traveling from Spain, Paris, and Barcelona, incorporating each place into his unique style of painting. "Picasso's highly original style continuously evolved throughout his long career, expanding the definition of what art could be- (Chew 1). Little did he know, Pablo's observance of his father's artwork would soon lead him on to become one of the world's most predominant artists of the twentieth century.
             Early on in childhood, it was evident that Pablo did not have any interest in an education. He never paid attention in class, always staring out the window and drawing whatever he saw. His parents moved him in and out of different schools while he was still young, but he continued to concentrate on his drawing and not his education. As Richard B. Lyttle tells in his book, Pablo Picasso: The Man and the Image, drawing quickly became second nature to the young boy:.
             Pablo could put his pencil anywhere on a sheet of paper and draw .
             whatever was requested with one line. He never hesitated. He never.
             lifted his pencil Pablo could also take a pair of scissors and, with no.
             lines to guide him, cut out horses, bulls, pigeons, or anything else his.
             friends might request. (6).
             It was clear now to his parents that he wanted to learn art like his father, so when he turned eight years old his father bought him his own art supplies. It was then that Pablo created his first oil painting called Toreador on Horseback of a horseman dancing around a bullring with an audience cheering him on. A few years later, in 1892, Don Jose enrolled his son in drawing classes, thus beginning Pablo's first formal art instruction.

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