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Pablo Picasso

             He dominated Western art in the 20th century. Before his 50th birthday he was considered to be the public symbol of art. In his 75-year career he created thousands of paintings, sculptures, prints, and ceramics. He almost single handedly created modern art. The artist I am speaking of is Pablo Picasso. My interest in selecting the topic is because Pablo Picasso revolutionized art, and no other artist has had such a massive following. Many artists before him had only a few hundred followers that mainly consisted of the upper class of society. Picasso's audience has been somewhere in the millions. One reason why you should be interested in my topic is because many of us only know Pablo Picasso as just a name. Within my speech I will be speaking about Pablo Picasso's life, his two signature paintings, and his impact on the art world.
             Pablo Picasso was born on October 25, 1881 in Malaga, Spain where his uncle supposedly saved him from suffocation at birth by blowing cigar smoke in his face to make him cry. He was the son of the artist Jose Ruiz, and Maria Picasso. Instead of taking his father's last name he chose his mother's because the name Ruiz was such a common name. At age 14, he completed the one-month examination of the Academy of Fine Arts in Barcelona in one day.
             Picasso was a sarcastic and very superstitious man. He had no respect for women artists. He was once quoted as saying that, "Women are either goddesses or doormats." These personality traits led him through many different paintings depicting his hatred to woman and their femininity. .
             The suicide of a friend in 1901 led to what is known as Picasso's blue period. It was a time where Picasso was moving around Paris and Barcelona. His paintings were in blue tones and represented his sadness and depression at the time. His depiction of the blue period included half thin starved bodies and unattractive women. Soon, Picasso became fascinated with acrobats, clowns and the families of the circus world.

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