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Pablo Picasso

             In this paper I am going to talk about Pablo Picasso a famous Artist. Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga, on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Pablo studied at the Academy fine Arts in Barcelona but had already mastered realistic technique. Picasso played an important part in the sequence of different artistic movements in the twentieth century. He said that to repeat oneself is to go against "the constant flight forward of the spirit." (sporre 43) He continued to work with incredible speed and versatility-as, painter, ceramist, sculptor, designer, and graphic artist- into his nineties.
             Pablo Picasso was considering being the most famous artist in the late 30's. He was called upon to depict the brutality of fascist aggression in the Spanish Civil War with his monumental "Guernica" (Picasso, Online) I also read a article that said, Pablo Picasso was a prodigy whose virtuosity, imagination, and expressive power were evident long before he reached the age of twenty. This is telling us that this man started out at a young age and was very successful. He also had a sister that followed into his footsteps. Her name is Lola Picasso. She did most of her work in Spain. She was associated with the Modernist movement in Catalonia and France's Art Nouveau.
             There also was an article about Matisse and Picasso. It said" we are as different as the North Pole is to the South Pole," Henri Mattisse said once of Pablo Picasso. (Presse, May 17, 2002) These are two artists that were famous during the 20th century and took pride in each other work. In my final conclusion about Pablo Picasso, he was a famous person that was very popular in the 20th century for his paintings. This man live from (1881-1973) and through this time he accomplish many goals. This man to me is really like the truth father of art.

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