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             Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born October 25 1881 in Malaga, Spain. He was the son of Maria Picasso Lopez and Jose Ruiz Blasco. .
             Pablo Picasso is one of the greatest artists to have lived. He created a revolutionary mark on the face of art and brought new meaning to how people saw the world. Picasso created work to entice even the disproving eye of art. Today many artists still follow Picasso influences in their own works. .
             In 1893, Pablo had his first debut as an artist under his father's guidance, a teacher at the Da Guarda Art School in La Coruna. Pablo's Father was appointed to La Lonja Academy in Barcelona in 1895 and so Pablo moved. The following year saw Pablo becoming a pupil at the academy after passing his exams with top marks. He became a member of the bohemian group and exhibited his work in the Café Els Quatre Gats. This was a crucial point in his early artistic development. At the age of 15, Picasso was admitted to advance drawing classes at the Royal Academy of San Fernando in Madrid. .
             By now, Picasso was beginning to be recognized and his painting Costumbre de Aragon won medals in Madris and Malaga. The following year a magazine called Joventut published some of his drawings and he decided visit Paris for the first time. Pablo became very attached to Paris and so decided to settle there from 1904 - 1947, when he decided to relocate to the South of France.
             Pablo's Father died in 1913 and two years later he meets his future wife Olga Koklova, he married her the following year. His son Paul was born in 1921 but Picasso soon became bored of his life with Olga and in 1932, his work showed a new woman in his life, Marie - Therese Walter. Three years later, he decided to leave Olga for Marie - Therese and she gave birth to his daughter Maia. In 1939, Picasso mother died in Barcelona and after the outbreak of WW2, he returned to Paris. In 1947, his son Claude was born and he took up ceramics at the Madoura factory, which the Ramie family owned.

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