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Art of Picasso

             "It takes a long time to become young".
             -Pablo Picasso.
             Picasso was not only an extremely influential artist but was also politically active. He lived to be 92 years old and his life grew to be incredibly famous. He stood apart from the crowd, standing by his own political views even if they were not the "norm" at the time. Picasso was also a free thinker with his artwork. He had a unique style and due to this, he became the first artist to have fame during his lifetime.
             Picasso was born in 1881, Malaga, Spain. His parents Don Jose Ruiz and Dona Maria Lopez named him Pablo Ruiz Picasso. Pablo Picasso was baptized at the Iglesia de Santiago. Picasso was declared a "delicate child" due to an illness that affected his kidneys in the time between 1881-1890. He was sent to a private school where he never gained a full grasp of the alphabet or arithmetic. During this time he began to draw and paint under his father's tuition. .
             He overcomes his "delicate" description and enters secondary school and social activities with enthusiasm. He also shows this enthusiasm with his artwork. .
             During the blue period (1901-1903) Picasso's paintings focused mainly on the color blue. This particular color is effective in conveying a somber tone. The reason for picking blue, a depressing tone, was the suicide of Picassos' friend Casagemas. The blue period work is quite sentimental, but we must keep in mind that Picasso was still a teen, away from home for the first time, living in very poor conditions in Barcelona.
             Why blue dominated Picassos paintings during this time period remains unexplained. Possible influences could be photographs with a blush tinge popular at the time, poetry that stressed the color of blue in its imagery, or the paintings of French artists such as Eugene Carriere or Claude Monlet who based many of their paintings on color. Another explanation is that Picasso found blue appropriate for his subject because it is a color associated with melancholy.

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