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United States Symbols

             Since the creation of the first nations, symbols exist. Symbols are not only representation of a nation. Symbols are a form of comunication. With them we can interact with several people and express lots of things. In nations and countries, Symbols has different meanings. With symbols, the countries and especifically United States wants to make us understand two things. First how the country was form and second and most important, POWER. With their symbols United States want to show how powerful they are and the influence they have in the world. Also symbols incite people to be very patriotic and they make people love their country. .
             Symbols are very important and mean a lot if we now how to use them and when to use them.
             The army is the group that most use symbols. They sing the anthem every day and they are always very connected with symbols.Symbols is a very nice way to express patriotism and power and they are neccesarie in every nation. A nation without symbols is very insipid.
             U.S.A SYMBOLS.
             Bald Eagle: The bald eagle is a large, powerful, brown bird with a white head and also the tail.
             The bald eagle was made the national bird of the United States in 1782. the image of the bald eagle can be found in many places in the U.S., such as the Great Seal, Federal agency seals, and on the one dollar bill.
             For six years, the members of Congress engaged in a dispute over what the national emblem should be. As a result of the debate, the bald eagle was chosen because it symbolized strength, courage, freedom, and immortality and that it would look much better as their national symbol.
             Uncle Sam: Uncle Sam, a figure symbolizing the United States, is seen as a tall, white haired man who is often dressed in red, white, and blue, and wears a top hat.
             The exact origins of Uncle Sam as a symbol for the United States are unknown. The term Uncle Sam was originally used as a despective term for American troops during the War of 1812.

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