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Confederate Flag

            The Confederate flag first came out during the late1850's when the south decided to succeed from the United States of America. It represents the heritage and history of the south. They hung this flag as their nations flag in war against the United States. After the war the flag represented the shameful slavery and segregation of the south. In the 1950s and the 1960s they started hanging the flag up again on the state's Capitol buildings during the civil rights movements to show their southern tradition and to try to keep segregation. Today in some states the flag is still hung, and this should not be acceptable. .
             First off I don't think the flag should be hung because of what it represents now. Southerners during the Civil War and loyal southerners now say the flag has nothing to do with slavery or segregation that it represents the good old south. They good old south was But during the civil rights movements it was used as a hate symbol to the African Americans. To this day the Klu Klux Klan and many other hate groups use the flag. So hanging the flag in the south is like saying they represent the segregation of the civil right and the slavery of the civil war or that they support the hate groups like the Klan. Not allowing states to hang this flag could help eliminate some racism, because of the hate symbol the flag represents today. Hanging the flag up just pisses a lot people off. Yes I do agree that it means a lot to the southerners but they symbol of hate shows through more than anything else. .
             Secondly the Confederate flag is an enemy flag of the United States. Even though it represents the south it is still a flag of the enemy. Although the civil war was Americans vs. Americans the south succeeded from the United States, making themselves the Confederate States or America, causing a war that kept or nation together. I would almost consider that treason, because it represents a separation in our nation.

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