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Union Strategic Military Planning

            The Civil War has a history of strong tensions between two sides and many disputes about life and politics of Americans residing on new land. The people living in the Northern and Southern states have been trying to resolve these issues, unfortunately the issues brought on war. The United States Civil War lasted from 1861 to 1865 and led to over 625,000 casualties.1 The war was definitely the central event in American history and one of the most memorable one. Both the Union and Confederates had their methods of fighting this war, only one side wins. Knowing the winning side's strategy is important and therefore will be discussed in great detail. .
             The war has an interesting beginning and causes, which have either short or long lasting effects. Therefore, a little background on the break out of Civil War would not hurt. To begin, the economies of the North and the South were very different. The North relied mostly upon labor of immigrants in order to work in the large industrial sectors, while the agricultural economy of the South relied upon slave labor to run the large scale plantations.2 The northern upper class wanted economic expansion. The expansion, however, would change the southern way of life. This of course, would explain why the South would have a disagreement and not accept the changes made by opposing side. Once the Southerners noticed the Republicans were making rather large changes to the usage of free slave labor and possibly a restriction on owning slaves, eleven southern states seceded.3 Abraham Lincoln's election in 1860 quickened this secession for the South. Lincoln and the North were definitely against South's decision to withdrawal due to the thought of the matter as an illegal act and the formation of the Confederate States of America was invalid notion. The first set off the Civil War took place when John Brown, a white abolitionist took upon himself to free the slaves by setting a raid on Harpers Ferry a year prior to Lincoln's election.

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