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Cuban Missile Crisis

            America, the ruthless super of this world has retained that status by means of using their vast economic wealth as well as their strategic manipulation among countries in need of their support. The Cuban Missile Crisis was an act of retaliation by both the Soviet Union and Cuba, to prevent America from having that particular "strong hold" on their countries. Though both Soviet Union and Cuba had been fueled by different reasons, Soviet Union was tired of being influenced by the "Westernization" America has promoted and wished to further Communism, and Cuba by the economic suppression and America's reluctance to better fund the economic development. In any case, it was understandable that both countries tried an attempt to better their positions in this world against America. The reasons why the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred was ultimately the reaction of Soviet Union's attempt to balance power between Communism and Democracy and the fact that America had missiles place in Turkey aiming at Moscow. As for Cuba, it was a way to be released from America's economic grasp and further benefit Cuba's development in both industry and economic development, as well to return a favor to the Soviet Union.
             America and the Soviet Union have always been at particular rivalry, but have been directly at war with one another. They faced a different type of war; the Cold War, which was a battle between nuclear arms and lasted until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1990. With the rise of The Communist Revolution in 1917, the Soviet Union developed awkward relations with the United States. The United States portrayed Communism as an unwelcome presence and a threat to the Democratic world. By the 1940's and 50's the balancing of power took place. There were three sections of power within the world, first being the United States which represented the Democratic aspect of politics, second, the Soviet Union representing the Communistic side of things, and third being the smaller independent nations between.

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