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The Cuban missile crisis

             The Cuban missile crisis was just another hardship in JFK's reign of presidency. The whole crisis began with just a regulatory check-up onnations, taking pictures and studying the pictures to make sure all is well. This is known as a photo reconnaissance when something out of the ordinary is found in the nations, and in this case, it was nuclear bombs being sent into Cuba from the Soviets. On October 16, 1962 is when the bombs were discovered. Once they were discovered, the news, being rushed back to JFK, was a big deal and an urgent issue. JFK and his political advisors began discussing their plan of action. Their plan became this: Jf k was to follow through on his schedule as to not put worry into the Americans hands and have them fear something was wrong, the other part of the plan was to form a committee of Cold War specialists and advisors to figure out what to do in this kind of situation, these people were to explore political and military options. The group of experts were called Excon.
             As Excon explored their options, they came up with three main ideas of how to let Cuba know that we knew what they were up to. The first option was to warn Cuba to get the missiles out and if they don't abide, to bomb Cuba with an air attack destroying all the missiies7then following up with an invasion. The second choice was a sneek^attack to come in with an air attack and destroy all the mfssnes, then follow up with an invasion, and the third choice was to form a blockade, but tell Cuba and the Soviets that it was a quarantine to prevent the thought of an act of war. Too bad for Excon, all of these plans were greatly flawed,but there was no other options than these. JFK felt as if bombing Cuba would not be safe, in that if all the missiles were not destroyed there may be a nuclear exchange between the two countries. JFK felt as if we were to pull a sneek air attack on Cube that it would look to the rest of the world that America was just a "big bully" picking on the little countries, and finally, JFK felt that a quarantine would not get the proper attention of the countries.

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