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Cuban Missile Crisis

            My research paper is on the Cuban Missile Crisis. I will begin my paper by saying that the United States is the most powerful nation in the world. Our allies will agree to that along with our enemies. For many years the United States has played a large role in keeping the peace around the world, for example WW1, WW2 and also Vietnam, just to mention a few. Even though our interference usually made a huge difference it was not always welcome. While trying to develop allies we also gained enemies. The United States has to wonder if all that we did to help those that were in trouble created a hatred that might someday affect our nation's security. Is there the possibility that the United States could be attacked? Who out there, in this world is ready to press that button and launch a missile on us? This situation is not so far-fetched. In the 60's the United States was put into a situation that engraved s turning point in the history of the cold war, the Cuban Missile Crisis. President Kennedy was the president and was responsible to resolve a serious problem concerning out relationships with Cuba and Russia. The Cuban Missile Crisis, a Soviet threat, became the first attempt at threatening the security of the United States. The relationship was ok between Russia and the United States, but the cold war almost lead to the launch of a Nuclear war because of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
             The cold war began within two year after the end of WW2. It was a stressful period of time in history between the United States and Russia, the two superpowers of the world. After the war, Russia's communistic views in Europe and Asia became a threat to the United States and our allies. The United States under-took to resist the spread of communist power [which resulted in a] collision with its allies, the Russians and the Chinese. During the early years of the cold war, the united states approached the Russians with firm foreign policies and negotiations in their journey to contain communism in those parts of the world.

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