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The Crisis In Ireland

             The conditions of the poor during the second half of the nineteenth century .
             The people of Ireland literally starved to .
             death. While the government turned a deaf ear to their cries. The staple food in .
             Ireland; the potato crop failed. Leaving the people without a means to feed .
             their families and pay their rents. The situation was made worse by the British .
             government. .
             The government did very little to ease the pain of the Irish people. The .
             British were so concerned with people becoming dependent on the government .
             for their needs. That they overlooked the fact the people were really in need of .
             serious assistance. When the crisis began the government levied taxes. That way .
             the Irish could pay for their own relief work. The plan did not work because the .
             people could not pay their rents. And due to the increased taxes, landlords .
             evicted their tenants in order to avoid payment.
             Little was done to help the Irish people because of the mutual distrust .
             between the Irish and the English. The Irish resented English domination and .
             rebelled against their rule. Causing the English to discontinue aiding the Irish .
             people. In the meantime, the Irish people abandoned their homes and migrated to .
             England, Canada, and America.
             The situation continued to grow worse, as disease spread throughout the .
             hunger stricken Irealand. Aid came from private relief organizations, but they .
             were eventually overwhelmed by the enormous need. During this period the .
             population decreased from 8.1 to 6.5 million. The number of deaths from famine .
             and disease is estimated at around one million.
             The living conditions of the poor was entirely inhuman. They suffered .
             needlessly because the government did not want to help the people. On the basis, .
             that the people of this country were of a different culture than their own. There .
             reasons were totally unjustified and because of their ignorance an estimated one .

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