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Mastering the English Language

            Language is a form of communication between human beings. There are hundredths or thousandths of languages in all around the world. Everyday people communicate in different forms using language. Out of all the languages, there is one common language used by everyone which is English. There are 3 main skills to master and improve English efficiently, they are reading, speaking and listening. English is known as "language of communication" as it is the most commonly used language among foreign language speakers. You can get valuable benefits and opportunities if you can master English effectively. English is easier and fairly quick to learn and use if compared to other languages, for example Chinese.
             First, reading is the first and main thing to do in mastering and improving English. Reading is a very active process as you need to do imagination when reading. Reading requires you to think, feel and analysis the articles. Sometimes it needs you to agree or disagree with the writer. To make the reading process interesting and enjoyable, you should always choose the reading materials that can interest and amuse you. No matter what the reading materials are, as long as you can easily understand the meaning, the materials you choose are correct. Otherwise, it is useless for you to do an unclear and doubtful reading. Then, note down the new words every time after reading, then learn them and apply them. But you do not have to write them while reading. Instead, try to guess the meaning as you read; mark them with a pen; then come back when you have finished reading to check in a dictionary and add them to your vocabulary book. You should always read at the right level, otherwise, you will soon be discouraged.
             Second, speaking is also another way you need to do regularly in mastering and improving English. You have to submerge yourself in English and you will learn several times faster. You do not have to go anywhere to become a fluent English speaker.

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