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            Communication has existed throughoout the course of time. A person can step into nature and see the lines of communication that are prevalent between animals of the wild. Some sort of language is necessary for a group to communicate and establish this. Human language has evolved over time. The language that we speak today has a direct correlation with the evolution of man.
             A highly regarded linguist of the twentieth century, Otto Jespersen, believed that the development of language by man was representative of the sounds babies make when they first begin to speak. He believed that mans first language was near meaningless and he likened it to the crying and singing of a baby. Jespersen believed that man then added sounds like the hearing of repitition and various exclamations. (West 12).
             A more prevalent language around the world is the English language which is the most common language spoken around the world."The lingua Franca" is a language that has taken over a thousand years to evolve, mainly through its borrowings from other languages such as French and Latin. English is actually classified as part of the Germanic group of languages. Even though it is the most commonly spoken language today, it is not without it's fault's, which would be its phonetic symbols only, representing one sound and each sound would have its appropriate symbol. Most European languages are very similar to those spoken in India and Persia, assuming language called Indo-European.
             As time went on, each civilization ( Greek, Roman and later English ) broke away from.
             Ehly II.
             the above mentioned language and started to develop their own closely linked one ( Theme 40). The English language was brought to the British Isles by the Germanic tribes ( Saxons and Jutes), they settled there between the fifth and sixth centuries. The English spoken then was so different from our present version of the English that a modern English reader would not be able to comprehend the text.

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