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Children Learning a Foreign Language

            A language is a powerful mechanism that consists of sounds and symbols to communicate with other people. Knowing more than one language can open many opportunities and benefits for us. The best time to learn a foreign language is when we are young. Children should begin learning a foreign language as soon as they start school because it can stimulate them to broaden their knowledge of the world. Children should learn a foreign language as soon as they start school because bilingualism develops mental abilities. Research shows that people who learn a second language are more creative, and they can solve problems easier than those who do not (Bhattacharjee, 2012). Moreover, according to Suing Yang, Ph.D. '"Bilingualism in young children strengthens what is known as executive attention, which helps orient individuals in the sea of information coming in"' (Booker, 2011). Children have a greater predisposition for learning a foreign language, and they can better assimilate new information. It is often said that a child's brain is like a sponge. This means that children are able to soak up new tasks more easily than adults. If you take a look at children that grow up in a bilingual situation, you will realize that they are more able to communicate in two languages. For example, children growing up in a bilingual family can often speak both languages. .
             Another reason why children should learn a foreign language is that language often offers new ideas and cultural insights. A bilingual education can be fun for children and also stimulate interest about other cultures. If children will have a chance to learn another language, they might have some interest in what is going on outside of their world. In an article the "Culture in Second Language Teaching" the authors said "Some teachers and researchers have found it effective to present students with objects or ideas that are specific to the culture of study but are unfamiliar to the students.

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