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Linguistics Essay - Culture and Language

            For my research paper I was able to do my research paper on cultural and language simply because I found it to be something I can relate to and interesting to find more research on. Culture and language rely a lot on each other. In today's society of the world, there are many cultures inside of one country. All countries have their own unique ways of life in the differences of how people are raised and their different locations. Many people migrate to other countries and feel lost at times due to this. More frequently, nations have been trying to mingle their own ways with others in America to create diversity that goes around the world.
             Cultural is defined by anthropology in a variety of ways. The definition usually includes some notion of shared values, beliefs, expectations, customs, jargon and rituals. Language is the set of common sound and symbols which individuals communicate with. Societies may include a number of cultures and languages. For example, while the majority of Americans speak English and significant proportions are Spanish speaking, yet even among the English speakers, accents and vocabularies differ by region of the country. My parents and I have a dialect language that most people who don't speak it may not understand it, but even people who may understand the language our vocabulary may have a different meaning in their country, some regional varieties of the Spanish language are quite divergent form one another especially in pronunciation and vocabulary and less so in grammar. .
             For instance I have a friend who speaks Spanish, but simply because I speak Spanish as well doesn't mean that we agree with how we word our sentences and speak in the same terms of pronunciation and vocabulary; for example in her country which is Mexico, Chihuahua when you ask someone "How are you today" you say "Como le va hoy?" where in my cultural language from Spain you say "Como son usted hacienda hoy?".

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