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The Benefits of Learning a Language

            People use language to understand and communicate with each other. There are more than five thousand languages spoken in the world. All languages have differences in vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. People acquire language that is used around them by their family, friends, and their society. Languages have been developed throughout the centuries. Nowadays, people have discovered the importance of learning a second language. Learning languages has spread in 21st century. However, many monolingual speakers are not very comfortable with learning a second language. They do not see any reasons to learn a new language. Monolingual people think that learning a foreign language will waste their time, money, and effort without any benefits, but there are some people who believe that learning a second language has good benefits. It makes students smarter, and also helps to improve mental development, student skills, and critical thinking. Moreover, it increases student mental focus, and opens students' minds to new cultures. Learning a second language helps to make connections with other people in many different countries around the world. I strongly believe that learning a foreign language has many advantages for students because it boosts student memory, protect student's brain, increases job opportunities, and opens their minds to other cultures and other communities.
             Learning a foreign language boosts student memory and opens new ways of thinking. Pop (2011) mentioned that studying a foreign language in early age improve students' understanding of languages, grammar, and enable them to gain strong vocabulary skills. It will lead them to express their thoughts and ideas proficiently (as cited in Anamaria-Mirabela & Monica-Ariana, n.d). It also improves reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. Students who speak more than one language can distinguish between different languages. Bamford and Mizokawa (1991) stated that many students who learn a second language are more creative and better at solving a lot of complex problems than others (as cited in Anamaria-Mirabela & Monica-Ariana, n.

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