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Second Language Apprehension Study

             This research was made in order to acknowledge which of two different studies made regarding second language apprehension is of the most importance when it comes to general human development. The studies differed in certain ways; one discovered a relation between the ability to learn patterns and the ability to learn a second language, while the other one found that having and informal approach to the language (games) enhances learning a second language, regardless the person. The studies were analyzed and compared; and it was concluded that the second study was the one that contributed the most to human development for its information can be used more directly and efficiently to help people learn a second language. .
             1.0 Introduction.
             A study investigation was done with the purpose of comparing two different scientific findings and establishing which one contributes the most to human development in general. The two scientific advances regard discoveries on the way people learn a foreign language. One states that picking up a second language is predicted by the ability to learn patterns while the other states that language instruction is improved with fun games played by students. Understanding the process of learning a second language, the factors that affect it and ways to improve the learning process is important for it is an essential matter for global communication and global integrity. Both studies provide good and interesting scientific advancements, but the second study is the most important for it offers future dynamic possibilities for its implementation.
             2.0 Methodology .
             Most data gathered around for the study and research of second language learning is based either on studies on several people or on specific subject brain activity supervision during the learning process. Both processes are useful; the studies gather information useful to state hypothesis and/or observations or discoveries, while brain studies provide more specific and anatomical data, which could back the suggested data of a study.

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