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One Global Language

            What if we could all speak the same language? What would the world be like? As we move on through the twenty-first century, we as a society should make it a priority to have one common language that is spoken and understood by everyone. Getting rid of this, one of the more prominent differences in every culture, our society would grow together and have the ability to work more efficiently. There would be no need for translation of literature between languages therefore more accurate communication. Traveling the world would be safer and easier to engage socially. Businesses, even small ones, would have the means to collaborate with other businesses. Language could become a common ground for people to be able to build relationships on and truly bring the world together. .
             If there was one language between all cultures the world of literature would open up allowing more opportunities available to all people, especially those people who live in small third world countries that speak a language that only they know. These countries have to rely on other countries to translate their literature to their language. Not everything that is written is has the ability to be translated, therefore some cultures are deprived of some of the richest literature. Even when text is translated, it is impossible to get the exact meaning as the original text. When texts are translated from language to language the accuracy of meaning decreases substantially and causes miscommunication and disagreement which would be avoided.
             World travel would be changed, it would make it more comfortable for people because they would not feel as strange being in a place where they cannot understand what people are saying around them. When people cannot understand the world they are around, they tend to feel unsafe. This can be the reason why some do not want to or do not travel and could be missing an opportunity of a lifetime.

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