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            Everyday increasingly more and more businesses are taking their operations and going global. Before a company decides to go global they should conduct an extensive research report, learning everything possible about the new market in which they are going to take part in. If a company takes the right approached toward globalization then their profit can grow substantially. Successful businesses today in the realm of global business "think globally, and act locally". Sometimes companies going global can run into trouble in their new market, which could lead to a financial lose. Many different variables can contribute to an unsuccessful attempt in globalization such as the wrong marketing scheme or the infrastructure of the new market. When a company decides to go global they have to adapt the new social and technological environmental variables that face them in the process. .
             Stepping into a new market involves becoming accustomed to the social variables. In a company's efforts to conquer a new market they may have to deal with language barriers and religious differences. Sometimes the cultures ways of life will not be understood until the product is in the market. Social variables can be in written and spoken communication. When languages are being translated their interpretations can sometimes be taken the wrong way. Before a company takes its operations global it should understand the social differences of the new market in which it's entering. Whirlpool Corp. a company from Benton Harbor Michigan learned that the Indian people, "prize hygiene and purity, which they associate with white." In Whirlpool's attempt to launch their product in the Indian market they created a marketing campaign reflecting there pride in purity. They started their advertising campaign off with a commercial that shows an Indian mother daydreaming about her daughter dancing in a beautiful white dress, snapping back into reality as she stares at the machine smiling.

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