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Effects of Globalization in Turkey

             Globalization is a very important transformation which will affect each part of our lives. Most of us think that globalization is just about finance and economy. However, it is based on the improvement of technology. Especially, since the internet has become a part of our lives, the style of production and commerce. 20 Years ago only 1/3 of business people in the world could communicate with each other about trade and economics. Today the number is about 90%. .
             Globalization was one of the topics of the UN Summit in Johannesburg (South Africa) this year. According to the meeting globalization has lots of advantages including speed of growth, higher life standarts and new opportunities. However, not all of the countries and people in the wrold can get the benefits of globalization. A lot of countries don't have enough technical capacity, substructures and corporational beings. .
             The ones who are against globalization claim that globalization would make the riches richer and the poor ones poorer. They also think that globalization is corruptive for local cultures. .
             Today the world has become as close as it never has been. Individuals and groups can communicate other people without the information of the community. This holds some dangers in itself, for instance crime, drugs, terrorism, sickness and arms dealers have increased. .
             UN Secretary-General has advised a series of advice to Johannesburg Summit in his report in order to spread economical growth and continuation of advancement to all countries and people with the help of globalization. Some of his advices are as the following:.
             To help developing countries' services and productions enter the markets of developed countries, the productions are especially agricultural and textile productions,.
             Better coordinated macroeconomical policy management in both national and international levels ,.
             To help developing countries close the technological gap,.

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