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Uprising of the Militia Movement

            An analysis of the resurgence of organized militias in America, which has caught the government's attention, has persisted for quite a while. Given that in the United States organized militias are inclusive of paramilitary with related elements like regular mutation, there are times when these militias refer to themselves as constitutional militias and are known to be based on objectives that normally major on perceived controversial misunderstandings with either the government or social norms. This paper will analyze the increased attention of the government in the genesis, evolution, and mutation of militia movements in America. .
             The militia movement started appearing in the U.S. during the early months of 1994, after the formation of the Michigan Militia and the Militia of Montana in the months of February and April during that year. The movement expanded in an extremely rapid way and in June 1995, the SPLC "Militia Task Force" was seen to report the existence of a minimum of two hundred and twenty militias together with their support groups located in thirty-nine states (Chermak, 2002). Later, by 1996, the number had increased to four hundred and forty-one militias that were now found in all fifty states (Crothers, 2003). However, it is important to emphasize that what came up was not a movement in the conservative sense; for instance, there were no leaders that directed militia affairs. Moreover, there was no national organization to which all the members of the militia group belonged. For one to understand how the militia movement operates, it is better to consider it as being a decentralized, diverse, and to a greater extent, localized amalgamation of individuals and groups, having mutual concerns.
             Indeed, such concerns revolve around three major themes, and one of them regards being opposed to gun control and concrete belief in the 2nd Amendment including the right of citizens to carry arms against the state.

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