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Loose Or Win!!!

             If we want to look at the world countries from a neutral view, we can easily reach the following opinion: "The powerful countries are becoming more powerful, the third world countries are becoming poorer in term of their economical situation."" If we search for the reasons of this gap between rich and poor; we may conclude this with education, politics, economy, and globalization etc. at this point.
             The globalization is defined as "the process by which social institutions become adopted on a global scale- in the dictionaries. From this definition it may seem as a good thing but the reality is not like that, unfortunately. The globalization is the process having high standards in the economy. On the other hand, it is the process of having lower standards in the economy. It may seem a dilemma but the reason of this is how you put it into practice. If you adopt the golden rules of globalization and if you make these rules work rapidly, your economy increases. But if you do not obey the golden rules of globalization and can not function it, your economy will sink. From others point of view, they see globalization as loosing their own identity and culture. .
             In his articles "Globalization: The Golden Straitjacket'- and "Globalization: Taco Bell- Ification' of The World- the writer Thomas Friedman states his thoughts from two points "the benefits of globalization and the damages of globalization."" In his first article "The Golden Straitjacket- Friedman says that a country which is following the golden rules of globalization will have an increase in its economy, in terms of more trade, foreign investment, privatization and more efficient use of resources. Also he states that if a country did not follow globalization, no matter what they do, they will follow it soon. In the second article "Taco Bell-Ification-, he explains the fears that globalization causes. He believes that globalization causes countries to loose their own identity and culture.

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