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The Electoral College

             The Electoral College has worked for the United States of America for this long for several reasons. The Electoral College has its upside and its down, but in this day in age I think we need a change. As time goes on things change and our rules much change along with us. We could update the Electoral College or simply start a new system. In my personal opinion I think we should get rid of the whole thing.
             We are much more educated in a sense than when this law was passed. We need to have an election process that relies more on the people and not by electoral votes. .
             The Electoral College system was built on the way people were educated back then. Today everyone for the most part in the United States has an education. Back then not to many people were. They had to rely on the people who were educated. Now people know more about things at least more clearly and they should have more weight in the process. With where technology is going it would be much easier to re-due to system based on popular election and trust that they are well educated enough to choose who is to be there leader.
             Today they give the illusion that the election is nation wide, but it really isn't. Popular vote holds no real weight in the elections. You can win the popular vote by far and still loose the presidency. This should be the way that it is. There should be sections of each state that should vote and they should all count singly. Then pool all the "community" popular votes together to see who would win.
             The system that we have now works fine until we can come up with a better way to vote that represents the people better and that isn't as complicated with the votes per state. If there are 20 million people in Texas and 1 million is Massachusetts then Texas would have 20 million and mass would have one broken up into comminutes.

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