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Electoral College

            The Electoral College should definitely be abolished. It was necessary when our country was at its start but is now completely outdated. There have also been numerous problems with it. The Electoral College was designed without political parties in mind. In my opinion, the 2004 Election would be much better off if the Electoral College is abolished prior to it. .
             The Electoral College was created by the Framers of the Constitution and is explained in Article II of the Constitution. When the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan were fused to create the Great Compromise, the Electoral College gave individual states a key role because each state would select electors equal to the number of representative it had in the House of Representatives and the Senate. It was a vague compromise that removed the election of the president and vice president from both the Congress and the people and put it in the hands of electors whose method of selection would be left to the states. The Electoral College may have been helpful when voting rights were extended to all free men, many of whom knew nothing of the issues surrounding the presidency. However, in this day and age when there are C-SPAN and CNN, continuous newspaper and magazine coverage, and even talk around the watering hole as to what is going on in politics, the American people should have the right for their vote to count. .
             There have been problems with the Electoral College from the beginning. When Thomas Jefferson was running for president in 1800, a tie occurred between Jefferson and his vice-presidential candidate, Aaron Burr, for the office of president because there were no constitutional arrangements for electors to earmark their votes separately for president and vice president. In such a case, the Constitution mandated that the House decides who is president. .
             Other problems include the 1824 election between Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams.

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