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electoral college

            Q: Should the Electoral College be abolished?.
             The Electoral College is a body that was formed in the beginnings of our nation for the single purpose of voting a president into office. Now it seems the question of whether or not we still need it is very prevalent. Senator Dick Durbin, a democrat from Illinois thinks that it would be best to abolish the Electoral College, and I have to agree with him. .
             When the Electoral College was first instated, our country was just beginning. We needed educated people to help start our government. Majority of the people living in the states we illiterate and had no grasp of politics therefore they could not make an informed decision as far as affairs of state go. There is a major difference between then and now. Back then, the electors voted as they saw fit, in today's society the electors vote for whom their state wants them too. Long ago, they were not influenced by the people, now they are. The government changed it so that the electors would vote this way, however we are no longer a nation of imprudent people who do not know what is occurring in out own government. .
             Under the current system, the smaller states control the majority of the Electoral College. If the presidential candidate won the smaller states, he would become president with less than half of the nation behind him. therefore, many peoples votes would be cast out and not matter. This is not fair. If the United States of America is truly democratic then each vote should count. The Electoral College is biased towards smaller states. When put into perspective one electoral College voter from Wyoming has as much power as four Electoral College voters from Illinois. .
             The country is no longer filled with daft people who do not understand politics. If we are a true democracy then the people should have the power. They should be able to go the polls and have their vote count just as much as the next persons vote.

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