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electoral college

             Why is it that in the United States the word politics and politician has associations that are uncharacteristically negative for our country's leaders? Today, America's politicians have turned into greedy executives. The mix of politics and business is driving our country away from the principles that our founding fathers set fourth. Why is our forty-third president in office when the majority of Americans voted for a different candidate? An election that gives the people the choice without regard to state lines of a president by a majority would cure some of the current problems of the Electoral College. We have a president that bullied his way into office and now many Americans question the government. Where did the Electoral College go wrong? The popularity vote seems to not play any factor in our presidential election. A major conflict concerning the Electoral College lingers in America. The Constitutional Convention created the Electoral College in 1789 in hopes that it would be an adequate system.
             The Electoral College consists of senators and representatives who cast their votes for the state they represent. Those who feel that the college should remain as it is believe that the American people are too uninformed about election issues to vote. The argument for the modification of the college maintains that the people are not actually electing the president, but the larger states are. Ultimately, the majority of the United States citizens support the elimination of an Electoral College that serves no purpose in the government. .
             The argument in favor of the continuation of the Electoral College holds that it represents an effective institution. First, the format of the college demonstrates its validity. The amount of electoral votes awarded to each state, extremely critical in elections, remains decided by the number of senators and representatives in Congress. Many politicians find the existing system extremely efficient because they feel the electors represent their constituents.

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